Mission and History

AZ Sports Turf Managers Association

Our Mission:

The Arizona Sports Turf Chapter is designed to be a resource for
local members to network in their field and region, enhance
professionalism and further their knowledge and understanding of turf
management. Our goals include:

  • Improve the quality of fields (recreational, professional, etc.)  
  • Utilize research to answer questions pertaining to field management
  • Increase professionalism
  • Fraternization and exchange of ideas between peers and vendors

Our History:

AZSTMA is one of the Sports Turf Management Association (STMA)
chapters. STMA was founded in 1981 by Harry Gill, Dick Ericson, George
Toma and Dr. William Daniel, Professor Emeritus. They developed STMA
into what it is today; an organization that combines the science of
turf and the techniques of maintaining sport facilities for thriving
and safe fields.

The Arizona chapter was opened in 1991 by Mr. Gentry, Mr. Hubbs and
other committee members with Western Sod as the sponsor. The chapter
depleted until the reformation in 1994 and is currently going strong
under the leadership of Chris Calcaterra. It began as 20 people and has
grown to include 200-300 members.